Competitive Advantages

Our Management Structure, Tour Staff  and Company Culture

We have invested greatly in the most important part of our company – and are extremely proud of our long term relationships with all of our staff. Our teams are well trained, experienced and respected for their dedication to a common goal – to achieve service excellence on all levels.

Our “Code of Good Practices” for our office and tour staff provides the needed guidance and principles to ensure a standarized and controlled level of service to all of our clients. For our preferred clients, we also incoorporate their own “Code of Conducts” into our own to ensure even better control and Brand representation.

Our Guiding Principles are:

  • Service excellence referring to the quality of our service offerings and service delivery, managing the expectations of our clients and their customers as well as how we service each other as internal customers (fellow staff/crew members).

  • Operational effectivity referring to doing the right things – things that have an effect on achieving our mission in an exemplary way.

  • Cost efficiency referring to doing things right in running our affairs so that we can deliver value for money to our clients.

  • People excellence referring to resourcing, developing and engaging staff and crew who have the relevant skills repertoire and are committed to our customer service promises.

Our undertaking as part of our business culture:

  • Optimum Customer Value – our efforts and actions has a direct influence on our partners and their customers through social media – and we are the custodians thereof.

  • Our Customers is also our Guests and we are the ambassadors for our country

  • Teamwork is paramount and an open relationship with our clients are mandatory

  • Caring Attitude towards our guests, the environment and our partners fosters a sustainable business model

  • We promote a continous improvement mindset

  • Our Integrity is also our honour