Our Fleet & Equipment

We have carefully selected our fleet of vehicles to operate in the harsh African climate and road conditions with the least amount of down time. Our internal operations combined with the  logistical support provided by our extensive network of suppliers provides the much needed confidence/ reliability/dependability given our large area of operation. All our vehicles are custom built by registered vehicle body builders to our specifications and exceeds the Safety Standards set out by the various governing bodies in all the countries we operate in.

The majority of our fleet consists of specialized touring vehicles – aptly named “Overland Vehicles” -to cater for groups of up to 24 passengers. We also have several luxury Mercedes Benz Sprinter Midi-busses for groups up to 15 passengers and then some smaller Toyota Quantum Mini-busses for the smaller groups.

We have strict replacement policies in place (experience gained from our preventative maintenance practices over the years) to ensure we always have the most up to date, reliable and dependable vehicles and equipment in operation.

We strictly adhere to all regulatory requirements and you can be rest assured that we have all the nessecary permits, licences and registrations in place for all countries we operate in. Additional peace of mind is assured by our vehicle and passenger liability insurance policies.

We are currently busy with a fleet overhaul and all of our vehicles will soon be fitted with the same quality equipment and comfort items as what can be seen in our latest additions to our fleet:

• Dual USB 3.1Amp charging points above each seat
• Air-conditioning system and Fresh air blower outlets – at each seat
• 220Volt Charging points – during driving and when stationery
• Dual Battery Systems are trickle charged by Solar Energy when stationery
• Dual Voltage Fridge/Freezers – separate units for cooking and passenger use
• Radio/CD player
• PA System
• Individual Lockers for passenger use